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Cleaning the Grit Off Long Island City

Long Island City is about to get a face-lift. The city and federal governments plan to pour more than $75 million into sprucing up this section of Queens, which sits directly across the East River from Midtown Manhattan. (more…)


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Expansion of Gantry Plaza State Park

The New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, Queens West Development Corp., and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey today opened a new 6-acre portion of Gantry Plaza State Park, featuring a waterfront promenade along the East River, an open lawn, new athletic field and reconstructed cove and wetlands. (more…)

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The city continues to do business with a swanky waterfront restaurant that keeps stiffing it on rent. (more…)

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When Home Is More Like a Cruise Ship

Lyle Pinder and Rachel Hoskins took their first tentative salsa steps not far from their apartment on the windswept, once-industrial riverbank of Long Island City, Queens.  (more…)

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State says company polluted Newtown Creek

The state Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) recently announced its intention to bring legal action against a company in Long Island City for allegedly discharging concrete waste into the Dutch Kills, (more…)

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Artisanal districts would save nabes from overdevelopment

Thousands of artisans, bakers, furniture makers and tradespeople go about the business of artisanal manufacturing. (more…)

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Boats float on an artistic vision

Alongside a swollen Hudson River, behind a dilapidated Lansingburgh mansion, a ragtag band of artists and builders this week is preparing for a most unusual voyage. (more…)

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