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Clash Over Plans for a Brooklyn Park

The way Marty Markowitz sees it, the rundown nine-acre park where Coney Island and Brighton Beach meet is ripe for a sparkling transformation.

Residents fear a planned 5,000-seat amphitheater would draw too many visitors and change the quiet character of the park.  (NY Times)


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Coney Island residents protested loudly yesterday against a planned 5,000-seat outdoor arena in Asser Levy Park they say will create excessive noise and disrupt services at the nearby Seaview Jewish Center.

About 100 people protested the $64 million arena, proposed by Brooklyn Beep Marty Markowitz, carrying signs reading, “Marty’s Free Concerts are Not Worth the Price.”

New York Post

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Grimshaw reveals $32 million Coney Island amphitheatre

The 3.5ha project in Asser Levy Park is part of a major regeneration of Coney Island, formerly a favourite holiday and day trip resort for residents from the New York area. (more…)

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Asser Levy Us Alone!

Borough President Markowitz’s pet project — a major concert venue in Coney Island that would be a physical legacy of his two (and perhaps three) terms in office — crashed into neighborhood opposition from critics who say it will be too big and too loud. (more…)

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Jones Beach and the PNC Bank Arts Center could soon be facing stiff competition from Coney Island in attracting A-list acts, but the cost to taxpayers will be steep – $64 million. (more…)

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