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Fans of World’s Fastest Ocean Liner Put Out a Distress Call

Dan McSweeney has a few ideas for saving the United States.

That would be the SS United States — the fastest ocean liner in the world. Bigger than the Titanic and fast enough to water-ski behind, she’s a steamship so sophisticated, her capabilities remained a Cold War secret for decades. (more…)


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Guv is last hope for Gowanus builders

Insiders say only the Paterson administration can stop the federal government from designating Brooklyn’s Gowanus Canal as a Superfund site. (more…)

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Astroland flight pattern could include Coney reentry

This summer, for the first time in more than 45 years, Carol Hill Albert looked out across West 10th Street and didn’t see the familiar lights of Astroland Amusement Park dancing over Surf Avenue. (more…)

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Artificial island could devastate New York’s only natural reef

Dubbed ‘insanity island’ protesters are campaigning against the Atlantic Sea Island Group’s proposal to build a mega liquefied natural gas facility off the coast of New York and New Jersey (more…)

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Brooklyn’s Bush Terminal in Sunset Park will receive a $10 million grant from the state for new construction.

In making the announcement last week, Governor David Paterson and Empire State Development (ESD) Chairman and CEO designate Dennis Mullen noted that the project was one of several in the state to receive “Restore New York” grants. (more…)

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Bayonne Bridge Lift

There’s no debate that the Bayonne Bridge is too low for the increasingly larger ships entering the Port of New York and New Jersey. (more…)

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Don’t ‘superfund’ the Gowanus

WHO should clean up the Gowanus Canal? The city’s been masterminding a series of reclamation projects since 2002 — but now the federal Environmental Protection Agency is looking to designate it a Superfund site. (more…)

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