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Brooklyn Bridge Park Makes Good Use of Recyclables

Out with the old and in with the new” is one of the more flippant cliches we keep hearing, especially at the New Year. (The precise quote, from Tennyson, is “Ring out the old, ring in the new.”) (more…)


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Save the eerie canal: Leave the cleanup of Gowanus waters to the city

The blossoming neighborhoods along Brooklyn’s Gowanus Canal face becoming dead zones – but not because of anything in the waterway’s famously polluted murk. (more…)

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Scavengers scan beaches seeking valuable trinkets; reporter digs up coins, earring and metal junk

The economy is down, the price of gold is up and I’ve got a kid who needs to go to college someday. (more…)

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New York City’s Waterfront in Photographs on View at Museum of the City of New York

The dramatic transformation of the New York City waterfront from a hub of industry and commerce to a vestigial space reclaimed for recreation and public use will be documented in historic photographs by Berenice Abbott, Andreas Feininger, and David Robbins, (more…)

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Coast Guard Aims to Halt Spread of Invasive Aquatic Species

Rules Offered on Ships’ Ballast Water (more…)

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Hitching Rides Up Henry Hudson’s River

I NEVER thought much about the Hudson River. It was merely that watery western terminus of Manhattan streets; a place where bodies sometimes floated up and jetliners crashed safely; that thing you had to cross to get to New Jersey. (more…)

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New York, Looking Lovely, in Works From Six Centuries

IF you asked a group of artists and curators to think of a New York cultural institution with the oldest, most comprehensive collection of watercolors and drawings focused on the New York region, there are many, no doubt, who would say the Metropolitan Museum of Art or even the New York Public Library. But the correct answer is the New-York Historical Society, (more…)

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