OPM Lands in Sheepshead Bay

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Friday night, my partner Marc Dizon, our design assistant Delia, and I traveled out to Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, for a super-special VIP sneak preview of OPM, a joint we designed. The occasion was owner/DJ Johnny Versace’s birthday bash and of course to let the Brooklyn Russians who will inhabit the place know that they’re just about ready to rock and roll. Only there won’t be much rock and roll, as the musical format was very different than what’s offered in the Manhattan joints that I frequent. It was driving Russian house beats with lounge singers belting out love songs like Rod Stewart over top of it. The Frank Sinatra of Brighton Beach, Botsman, was crooning over these beats, and I insisted that no matter when it happens that OPM co-owner Oleg Vibe arrange for this guy to sing and MC my funeral services. Oleg gave me a big smile and said “that can be arranged,” and I wondered for a second if he meant the singer or the funeral.

Later, while the “Madonna of Brighton Beach” was entertaining us with Russian love songs over yet more pounding house beats, I chatted up Oleg’s gal Dr. Arina and the stunning Katya and ate the best meal I’ve had since the recession started. Seriously, the food was beyond description. They even had a great sushi bar with a guy who I think may be the “Nobu of Brighton Beach.” Tall, beautiful women dressed in outfits and jewels that could finance a Manhattan club revival were introduced to me. Every so often, after an introduction, a wife whispered in my ear “she’s single.” I told the main wife Lana that I was done with Russian women after my last fiasco. She told me I hadn’t gone with the right one and proceeded to plan out my next 20 years. Not in a bad way, mind you. These people have so much, including love, and they just can’t stop themselves from sharing with those around them. I wasn’t the cool New York designer and blogger slumming in the hinterlands. I was outclassed straight up. OPM offers great food, a beautiful well-dressed crowd, a Sheepshead Bay waterfront location, and a (weather permitting) roof deck with sick views. Oh, and a Lewis & Dizon decor. Its owners and their family and friends have a deep understanding of expensive bangles and toys and “Manhattan style.” As we left, my partner Marc gasped, “Look at these cars!”. The vehicles lined up outside the club could have financed the economy of a third world nation—like America, for instance.

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