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Now Growing in Brooklyn, a Waterfront Pile of Salt

The mound of salt in the Red Hook Marine Terminal soars over the waterfront, as white and dry as the sands of Coney Island and as tall as the four-story brick tenements across the street. (more…)

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Global recession wave slams NY ports

Plunge in demand harms maritime, allied businesses; officials see long-term growth (more…)

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Researchers look to algae for fuel

It’s abundant, it’s cheap, it’s in our backyard — and Carmela Cuomo thinks it might fuel our cars one day. (more…)

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Waterfront job referral spurs mob ties probe

Investigators are probing whether a top Waterfront Commission official recommended the manager of a mobbed-up Staten Island strip club for a job as a harbor cop, the Daily News has learned. (more…)

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Gowanus Canal fails odor test, stinks

It’s official: The Gowanus Canal stinks. (more…)

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City’s plan won’t fully clean up polluted Gowanus Canal, as Bloomberg fights to keep feds out

The city has only $15 million to dredge one-tenth of the polluted Gowanus Canal – and the cleanup won’t even go deep enough to remove toxic sludge from the 1.8-mile waterway, the Daily News has learned. (more…)

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Walking and talking: Coney Island

New Yorkers and tourists enjoy the beautiful weather on Coney Island boardwalk
If Coney Island were a person, it would look beaten up and bullied. Still standing, it would be tattooed head to toe, but grinning and swinging right back. (more…)

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