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Humpback Whale Is Stuck Off Sandy Hook

A humpback whale has become entangled in fishing gear about eight miles offshore in New York waters, the Coast Guard said on Wednesday. (more…)


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Water Taxi Beach on Governors Island

Harbor Experience Companies (HEC), formed after New York Water Taxi acquired Circle Line Downtown, will build on the popularity of its Beach in Long Island City, and create a new Water Taxi Beach on Governors Island this summer. For the residents of lower Manhattan and Downtown Brooklyn it will be a beach in their own backyard. (more…)

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NY Circle Line deal completed

New York Water Taxi has completed its acquisition of the downtown operation of Circle Line. (more…)

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Hudson River swimming pool concept to expand

The effort to place a swimming pool in the Hudson River at Beacon drew a sizeable number of people last summer in a children’s pool. (more…)

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Lenape collection a longtime love affair

Her affair has been with her hobby — an artifact collection she amassed for her lectures on the culture of the Lenape, a Native American tribe native to all New Jersey and to Pennsylvania, New York and parts of a few other neighboring states. (more…)

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Governors Island Ferry: Going, Going, Gone for $23,600

Governor Sarah Palin isn’t the only government official to sell state property on eBay. In 2007, the city/state agency charged with developing Governors Island, the 172-acre former Coast Guard base off Lower Manhattan, bought a Martha’s Vineyard ferry for $500,000 to help open the island to visitors. This morning, the vessel was sold by the agency on eBay. (more…)

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Big ships and major celebrations coming up

We’ve got the Hudson River, Hudson County – and even the Hudson Reporter. They’re all named for Henry Hudson, the English explorer who in 1609 sailed his ship, the Half Moon, into the waters later known as New York Harbor. He saw what is now Manhattan Island, and made his way up the river now bearing his name to Albany, N.Y. (more…)

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