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Ground being broken on Staten Island cement terminal

Officials are currently breaking ground on a new cement terminal on the waterfront in Elm Park. (more…)

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Jones Beach and the PNC Bank Arts Center could soon be facing stiff competition from Coney Island in attracting A-list acts, but the cost to taxpayers will be steep – $64 million. (more…)

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Brooklyn’s Commercial Heritage

Along the East River on the Brooklyn waterfront is a small area in the vicinity of the original Fulton Ferry terminal. In this area lies Brooklyn’s commercial heritage. On November 25, 1975 this area was designated the Fulton Ferry Historic District. (more…)

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Cleaning the Big Apple

The Big Apple is a big opportunity for clean truck advocates. The Port of New York and New Jersey is the third largest container port in the nation, handling more than 5 million containers and 30 million tons of ocean cargo a year. (more…)

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Brooklyn’s Changing Waterfront

1609 — Henry Hudson and crew anchor their ship, the Half moon, near what is now Coney Island before ascending what would be called the Hudson River. (more…)

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NYC marks forgotten holiday from Revolutionary War

Reenactors in 18th century dress prepared Tuesday to answer questions about the 225th anniversary of Evacuation Day. (more…)

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Wall-E Park

On giant piles of trash left by a generation of New Yorkers, landscape architect James Corner is building a park that has the power to change the way we see the past and the future of the city. (more…)

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