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To stave off terror, feds issue safety strategy for boaters

As boating season approaches, the Bush administration wants to enlist the country’s 80 million recreational boaters to help reduce the chances that a small boat could deliver a nuclear or radiological bomb somewhere along the country’s 95,000 miles of coastline and inland waterways. (more…)


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Tugboat Minuet

TUGBOATS are not as romantic as fire trucks, and they do not have the sleek aerodynamic shape of airplanes. But there is something deeply satisfying about watching them at work. (more…)

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For Humble Bungalows, a Plan to Save the Sunshine

SUSAN ANDERSON lives on Beach 26th Street in Far Rockaway, on one of the area’s remaining bungalow-lined blocks. Ms. Anderson, who is an artist, bought two bungalows on the street in 2004, and she hopes to turn the one that still has its original cedar shingles into her studio. But over the past few years she has watched in dismay the construction of a 15-story oceanfront condominium just a few yards away. (more…)

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Environmental Cost of Shipping Groceries Around the World

Cod caught off Norway is shipped to China to be turned into filets, then shipped back to Norway for sale. (more…)

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Making Ships Green, in Port and at Sea

Something unusual is happening in Swedish waters. Crews docking at the Port of Gothenburg are turning off their engines and plugging into the local power grid rather than burning diesel oil or sulfurous bunker fuel — a thick, black residue left over from refining oil. (more…)

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RIGHT now the best salt water action is to the west. (more…)

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When the Waters Yield Macabre Secrets

In any standard lexicon, the term “floater” refers to a few whimsical images of nature: a gull on the breeze, a passing cloud. (more…)

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