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MTA Willets land in dispute

More than ten acres of contaminated land now lies between the Flushing River and the site of the city’s ambitious project to revitalize the hardscrabble landscape of Willets Point. (more…)

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New Fish Tanks at St. George Ferry Terminal

The 8-foot-tall tanks, which each hold 1,600 gallons of saltwater and 200 tropical fish — were installed at the end of July and are part of the borough president’s ongoing tourism effort. Borough President James P. Molinaro  allocated $750,000 in funding for the tanks, which will be maintained by the Staten Island Zoo. Because the tanks weigh in excess of 10 tons, the floor of the terminal had to be reinforced with steel beams.

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Homeport plan needs overhaul

 It was envisioned as the key to unlocking the dormant potential of Staten Island’s urban waterfront, where residents, politicians, merchants and developers have long imagined a renaissance that would attract jobs, homes along New York Harbor, chic commerce and the morale that such gentrification brings to a depressed area. (more…)

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Queens West Project Rolls Along

The Queens West development project, a massive undertaking that will transform Hunters Point from an industrial graveyard to chic waterfront neighborhood, continues to make steady progress towards its eventual completion. (more…)

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Cleanup To Continue At Former PepsiCo Site

The second phase of site cleanup at the former PepsiCo bottling facility in Long Island City is set to begin this spring.    The site, 9.5 acres of land along the East River, will be home to four new buildings constructed by Rockrose Development Corp. Rockrose has already erected three buildings — one pending completion — on the adjacent lot. (more…)

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Rockaway, Nabes To Get Ferry Fleet This Summer

Residents of south Queens are excited that they might soon find their morning commute to Manhattan quicker and more visually appealing. (more…)

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Lobstermen says die-off may be occurring in the Sound

There are signs that Long Island Sound may be suffering from another die-off that wiped out 80 percent of the Sound’s lobsters in 1999. (more…)

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