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Stalkers of the High Seas

Paul Allen, the billionaire co-founder of Microsoft, is famously private, especially when it comes to his 414-foot yacht, Octopus. His crew members have to sign confidentiality agreements, he has rarely if ever permitted the media to photograph the boat, and he prefers to sail in the world’s most remote waters. (more…)

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Where Boats Go Quietly into the Good Night

Ruby Washington/The New York Times

“It’s a boater’s graveyard,” Theresa Scavo says of the Sheepshead Bay area. (more…)

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It’s haul-out time

It is best to be present when your boat is hauled for winter storage. This important job should not be left to someone else. If you trailer your boat, these steps apply to you, too. (more…)

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State Team Considers Jamaica Bay Losses

Two weeks after the city outlined its plan to address ecological degradation in the imperiled Jamaica Bay, the state announced that it is joining the fight. (more…)

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Spitzer Introduces Plan To Place Price Tag On Pollution

Governor Eliot Spitzer unveiled a plan Wednesday to drastically cut greenhouse gas emissions from regional power plants. (more…)

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Annadale Residents To Be Hooked Up To City’s Sewer System

A few hundred Staten Island homes and businesses are on their way to being a little more connected with the rest of the city – or at least with the part of the city that handles their waste water. (more…)

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Brooklyn’s gateway sculpture

Two shining and shimmering ladies hoisted 30 feet up in the air and doing a little do-si-do will become Brooklyn’s gateway sculpture come 2009. (more…)

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