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Crushed Glass To Be Spread On Florida Beaches

Picture a beautiful beach spanning miles of coastline, gently lapped by aqua-colored water — and sprinkled with glass. (more…)

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New York Is Floating Higher in a Ranking of Cruise Ports

Thanks largely to the new Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, New York has risen to the no. 6 cruise port in the country, a report being published today says. (more…)

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The Heist, the Getaway and the Sawed-Off Leg

BERNARD McMAHON, a k a Bennie the Bum, a former bootlegger and onetime crony of the dapper gangster Legs Diamond, bent down to untangle a rope from a sawed-off shotgun. His speedboat, laden with stolen loot, was racing across Gravesend Bay. Suddenly, a blast punctuated the motor’s hum. The shotgun had accidentally gone off, leaving McMahon’s left knee a bloody mess. (more…)

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Counting on a River to Entice

THE East River is still polluted, from sewage runoff and a long-ago oil spill, according to the city’s Department of Environmental Protection, so it is probably not quite fit yet for doing the backstroke. (more…)

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Two Years Later, a Street Still Waits for Its Promised Gentrification

Michelle V. Agins/The New York Times

Columbia Street looking south toward Red Hook. Continuing construction, a sense of geographic isolation and waning buzz have dissipated the burst of growth that shop owners and inhabitants were anticipating. (more…)

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Eminent domain in Coney Island?

As city officials play hardball with a developer over the future of Coney Island’s amusement zone, rumblings of a land takeover by the Bloomberg administration through eminent domain have surfaced in published reports. (more…)

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State, Keyspan ink toxic pact for Gowanus

Keyspan has agreed to clean the contaminated muck below Thomas Greene Park, thanks to a new agreement between state environmental conservation officials and the Brooklyn-born energy company. (more…)

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