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Maritime Union Leaders Sentenced

The leader of a national maritime union was sentenced Thursday to 6 1/2 years in prison for spending organizational funds on personal luxuries, including a bachelor party and repairs for a dive boat. (more…)


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Communing With Nature on a Grand Scale

Although he was one of the greats of 19th-century American landscape painting and a founder of the Hudson River School, in the market madness of the current art world Asher B. Durand only recently became a boldface name. (more…)

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City Wants Statue of Liberty Ferry Service to Expand Harbor Routes

In an effort to expand ferry service beyond the major tourist attractions to other parts of New York Harbor, (more…)

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A Featherless Audubon Menagerie

Denis Finnin/American Museum of Natural History

The Unknown Audubons The wolverine is part of this exhibition at the American Museum of Natural History. (more…)

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$70M asked without any pier review

City officials are seeking $70 million in taxpayer money to sink into the Red Hook Piers – even though future control of the waterfront won’t be certain until at least 2008. (more…)

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Astroland operations manager Mark Blumenthal reflects on the storied amusement park’s past and uncertain future.


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City takes mulligan

Six years after a PGA-class golf course was supposed to have opened in the Bronx, the city Parks Department has gotten the nod to tee up the project all over again. (more…)

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