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Rivers revive, Bombers stay, parks go away

Revival at the river (more…)


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Shoreline Protection Bill Brings Money for Sound

SINCE 1987, when the federal government named Long Island Sound an estuary of national significance, talk about protecting its shoreline has been constant but never backed by more than a trickle of federal money. (more…)

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Perched NYC Hawk Sees Bald Eagle Soar By

Pale Male, the famed red-tailed hawk of Central Park, was perched on the 22nd floor of the swank Beresford apartment building on Wednesday when the national emblem of the United States soared past, carrying a large fish in its talons. (more…)

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On the Block, a Dream by the Sea

THE day Starrett City opened, Oct. 13, 1974, was cold and, to read contemporary news accounts, somewhat inauspicious. The sprawling 46-building middle-income project on the south shore of Brooklyn (more…)

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Temporary Roadway for Cars May Be Transformed Into Permanent Refuge From Them

Don Hogan Charles/The New York Times

Looking south near the F. D. R. Drive at the outboard detour. It may be used for pedestrian and bicycle paths. (more…)

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A Concorde jet, once capable of supersonic speed, takes a sluggish trip from its home on Manhattan’s Pier 86 to Brooklyn early yesterday. (more…)

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Hazardous Inlet Makes Fuel Oil Delivery Perilous

THE East Rockaway Inlet is the churning, dog-legged entry point from the Atlantic to Reynolds Channel, which hooks up with another channel to a fuel-oil terminal in Oceanside, N.Y. (more…)

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