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Pataki boosts plan to unearth Saw Mill River in Yonkers

Gov. George Pataki added $10 million on Thursday to a project that would uncover part of a river in a downtown area where it has long been restricted to tunnels beneath paved-over streets and squares. (more…)


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A sound Sound starts on shore

From the salt marshes of Alley Pond to the rocky reefs off Fishers Island, 13 local areas bordering Long Island Sound will receive special protection under a “Stewardship Initiative” announced at a meeting of the regional commission that watches over the Sound’s health. (more…)

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The Statue of Liberty usually wears green – but last night she stood tall in blue. (more…)

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Going dark to save birds

Parachute Jump joins bid to ease migration (more…)

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Yonkers: Ferry Service to Manhattan

Ferry service linking downtown Yonkers to Lower Manhattan is scheduled to start in May, (more…)

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Waterfront In Fits And Starts (And Stops)

If a revitalized waterfront is part of the vision of the current mayoral administration, with projects planned throughout the city, progress has been spotty, beset by squabbles, cost over-runs, reversals or simply inaction. (more…)

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Anchors Away

The Intrepid pulls up its gangplank for a lengthy overhaul. (more…)

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