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Developer face lawsuit charging they reneged on contract to buy land along Gowanus Canal

Developer Toll Brothers has been hit with a multimillion- dollar lawsuit charging it reneged on a contract to buy land along the polluted Gowanus Canal after the feds moved to make the waterway a Superfund site. (more…)

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Novel proposal eyes cleaner Gowanus

A Park Slope man thinks he knows how to take the stink out of the Gowanus — and he’s aiming to teach the city just how to do it. (more…)

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Cleanup To Begin On Site Of Stalled Brooklyn Supermarket

Brooklyn was supposed to get its first Whole Foods store back in 2008, but the site chosen was so contaminated the supermarket was never built. Now, some plans are moving forward for the location, although not exactly the one first proposed. NY1’s Jeanine Ramirez filed the following report. (more…)

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Familiar face to Gowanus watchers to helm DEP

While the mayor introduced the city to the new head of the city’s Department of Environmental Protection this week, Caswell F. Holloway IV has been a familiar face to those concerned about the future of the Gowanus Canal for several months. (more…)

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Navy and city may have to pay for Gowanus cleaning

The United States Navy and the City of New York could be the latest entities footing the bill for the clean-up of the fetid Gowanus Canal, this paper has learned. (more…)

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House Votes Funds for Gowanus ‘Sponge Park’

The development of a “Sponge Park” along the Gowanus Canal took another step forward last Thursday when the fiscal year Interior and Environment Appropriations conference report was approved in the U.S. House of Representatives.
The bill includes $300,000 for the project, which will incorporate greenery along the banks of the canal to manage excess runoff and help improve water quality. The money will fund the installation of grass and other greenery along the sidewalks and terraces bordering the canal. (more…)

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$150 Million Price Tag Put on Gowanus Effort

A new $150 million project to substantially improve water quality in the Gowanus Canal and reduce its odor impacts was officially announced on Friday by Mayor Michael Bloomberg. (more…)

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Guv is last hope for Gowanus builders

Insiders say only the Paterson administration can stop the federal government from designating Brooklyn’s Gowanus Canal as a Superfund site. (more…)

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EPA: No decision yet for Gowanus

The fate of the Gowanus Canal will remain in limbo, as the Environmental Protection Agency told this paper it will not be handing down a decision this week on whether to name the foul waterway a Superfund site. (more…)

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Brooklyn businesses may face lawsuit over dumping in Gowanus Canal

An environmental group is gearing up to sue three businesses it charged are polluting the Gowanus Canal – and warned the city to clean up its act, too. (more…)

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Save the eerie canal: Leave the cleanup of Gowanus waters to the city

The blossoming neighborhoods along Brooklyn’s Gowanus Canal face becoming dead zones – but not because of anything in the waterway’s famously polluted murk. (more…)

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State caught in ‘Superflop’

The Paterson administration has backed away from its surprise call last year to have the federal government lead a Superfund clean-up of the Gowanus Canal — and now says the Environmental Protection Agency should “carefully review” an alternate proposal from Mayor Bloomberg for decontaminating the waterway. (more…)

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DEC: Careful review of Gowanus alternative needed

 The agency that initially requested the feds to include the Gowanus Canal in the Superfund program is now advising careful consideration of the city’s alternative clean-up plan. (more…)

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IN 1844, SAMUEL MORSE transmitted the first telegraph message, asking the world via a series of electrical pulses, “What hath God wrought?” (more…)

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Fight Over Superfunding Grows

 It’s the battle for the Gowanus Canal. (more…)

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‘Whole’ lot of nothing as food megastore abandons Gowanus site

 Whole Foods has shelved its plans to open its first Brooklyn branch on Third Avenue near the Gowanus Canal, The Brooklyn Paper has learned. (more…)

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City Proposes New Plan for Gowanus Canal Cleanup

The canal is contaminated with pollutants that include pesticides and metals, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. (more…)

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Critics of city jump on Gowanus goof

If the city wants to win support for its Superfund alternative plan for the Gowanus Canal, it might want to spell the name of the infamous waterway correctly, skeptical local residents said after an informational meeting this week. (more…)

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The Gowanus is “Sponge” worthy!

The proposed Sponge Park along the banks of the fetid Gowanus Canal is finally living up to its name in one way: it’s soaking up federal money. (more…)

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The next nightlife destination in Go-Go-Gowanus

 Just west of Fourth Avenue’s long-shuttered Brooklyn Tile Supply Corp., along the shores of the Gowanus Canal sits a neighborhood that seems to be waking from its grimy, industrial slumber. Flanked from the east by an expanding Park Slope and from the west by the Smith Street renaissance, signs of change have lately arrived to Gowanus in the form of summertime kayakers who are committed to the revitalization of its murky inland waterway. (more…)

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