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Frigid tradition of Coney Island Polar Bear Club takes breath away

It sounds crazy, but these guys say the best beach weather on Coney Island comes in January. (more…)

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After 98 Years Underwater, a Coney Island Bell Is Back

In the early evening of May 27, 1911, an electric light fell into hot tar and exploded on the Dreamland amusement pier at Coney Island. (more…)

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Barcelona and New York to set a sailing record between both cities

The cities of Barcelona and New York, through the Fundacio Navegacio Oceanica Barcelona (FNOB) and the New York City Sports Commission, announced today a new transoceanic sailing event to take place in April 2010, the NY-BCN Transoceanic Sailing Record. Aimed at strengthening the sporting and cultural bonds between New York and Barcelona, this is the first transoceanic sailing race between the two cities. (more…)

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just Swell! Bill’s Strength Has Surfers Psyched

“It’ll be a swell so big and strong it will wipe clean everything that went before it.’’ (more…)

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Rockaways’ currents can be deadly if not treated with caution

 Powerful waves. A shifting sand bar. Deadly rip currents. The Rockaways have them all – making its waters the most treacherous in the city, experts say. (more…)

August 19, 2009 at 4:14 pm 1 comment

Cleaner water off the Rockaways brings back fish, and some unwanted followers

In Gateway National Park at the western tip of Rockaway, a sandy peninsula that is part of Queens, a large, solitary tower overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. At first glance, it resembles the lifeguard towers on Rockaway Beach, a few miles to the east. Yet the resemblance is not exact.  (more…)

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Hurricane barriers floated to keep sea out of NYC

When experts sketch out nightmare hurricane scenarios, a New York strike tends to be high on the list. (more…)

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City Wants Affordable Homes In Arverne East

The city’s solicitation for developers interested in transforming the last part of the Arverne Urban Renewal Area includes an affordable housing requirement – a last-minute amendment that surprised key community board members. (more…)

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Wind Farm Site Considered 10 Miles From Queens Shore

Has the economic or political climate changed for wind power on Long Island? The Long Island Power Authority hopes so. (more…)

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City Has Forgotten About Areas Of Rockaway Beach

Concerned residents in the Rockaways say they’re struggling through yet another summer on a beach that they believe the city has forgotten (more…)

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Lifeguard issues in Far Rockaway

A lot of beach and not a lot of lifeguards is becoming a big concern for residents in Far Rockaway, Queens. (more…)

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Catching Waves in the Rockaways

Ever since the city opened a section of Rockaway Beach in 2005, near Beach 90th Street as the city’s first official surfing beach, the waves have become more crowded. (more…)

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The Rockaway Peninsula’s tortured development history enters its latest chapter, with ill-fated spec buildings disintegrating next to successful new housing development, and a rezoning belatedly attempting to instill order. (more…)

June 16, 2008 at 3:38 pm 2 comments

Trump files lawsuits over Jones Beach project

Donald Trump went on the offensive yesterday for his Jones Beach project, suing the state and accusing officials of sabotaging the project when a new parks chief took office last year. (more…)

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Oceans’ Unfruitful Stretches Multiplying

Relatively barren stretches of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans around the tropics have expanded about 15 percent since 1998, according to a new satellite study. (more…)

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Cameras Show if Surf Is Good, but Surfers Are Getting in Way

Ever since Jimmy Minardi mounted his $8,500 video camera last summer and aimed it at the Atlantic Ocean, the surfers here have been complaining. (more…)

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Skip the velvet rope and bring your flip-flops to this unexpected urban beach town. (more…)

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Going Coastal NYC

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