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Wanted: A loving home for this 70-foot-long piece of Coney Island history. Current owner will assist with moving expenses, estimated at $15,000. (more…)

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A FIERCE Fight in the West Village

It’s cold on the Christopher St. Pier in the winter time—not the kind of place you want to stand still after the sun sets and the wind whips off the Hudson. For a lot of New York City teenagers, however, the Greenwich Village waterfront is the best place to be in any weather. To thousands of youths, often kicked out of their home for being gay or lesbian, the Christopher St. subway station is a where you can be yourself and not be afraid. (more…)

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Lionfish: Born in the wrong sea

IT’S red and gold stripes shimmer as they catch the sunlight sifting through the deep blue water, and as the young fish shifts position it seems almost expectant of the company it is about to keep. (more…)

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Growing and Greening New York

Growing and Greening New York: PlaNYC and the Future of the City, on view at the Museum of the City of New York December 11, 2008, through April 12, 2009, will make the complexities of greater environmental sustainability in New York City vivid, compelling, and understandable by bringing environmental concerns to life on an individual, human scale. (more…)

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Researchers Check Long Island Sound Algae As Biodiesel Source

Algae might be near the bottom on the totem pole of life, but they could someday help power your car, and researchers from the University of New Haven will use a state grant to find out if any species found in Long Island Sound could become a viable source of biodiesel fue (more…)

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Doing it the right way

The municipal parking lot on Bay Street in Stapleton has been a white elephant for decades, ever since Stapleton ceased being the commercial and business hub it was before the advent of the mall era. On any given day in recent years, you’d see just a handful of cars in the lot’s 128 metered parking spots and the revival that some Stapleton boosters insisted would one day fill the lot has remained a fantasy. (more…)

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NY, NJ Waterways Contend with Future

Event: Port Authority Speaker Series: On the Waterfront: Finding the Balance for Development and Communities (more…)

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Oil Tanker Turned Cultural Venue Celebrates 70th Birthday

Oddly enough, it’s easy to forget that New York City is a series of islands with the third largest commercial port in the nation. The city has so many other competing identities. Wall Street, Broadway, baseball teams and fashion shows seem to rule the imagination when we think about the Big Apple – a decidedly non-nautical nickname. (more…)

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Sewing scallops in Long Island’s bays

Days after a killing freeze signaled the end of the local growing season on land, farmers of a different sort braved gusting rains to tend an underwater crop off Shelter Island. (more…)

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Miles From Glitter Town

SHAI KREMER, a 34-year-old Israeli, has lived in New York since 2002. As a new arrival to the city, Mr. Kremer was struck by the contrast between the myth of New York, as seen in Manhattan’s towers and glittering lights, and the reality, as seen in the prosaic cityscape of the boroughs beyond. (more…)

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“Gowanus: A Sense of Place”

The Gowanus Canal Conservancy presents a Holiday Art Show and Sale entitled “Gowanus: A Sense of Place,” an homage to the cityscape highlighting the work of 16 local artists. (more…)

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New York National Boat Show will feature replica of Dutch ship Onrust

They’ve got a showstopper, say organizers of the 2009 quadricentennial of Henry Hudson’s voyage up the river that bears his name. (more…)

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Region’s just ducky for watching waterfowl

Scudding across the water, a small flotilla of ridiculous-looking, yet beautiful Northern Shoveler ducks followed each other as they dipped huge spoon-shaped bills for bottom muck that they stirred with their paddling feet. (more…)

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Fishing: National Boat Show cruises on in to Javits Center

Just in time for Christmas shopping the 104th New York National Boat Show cruises into the Javits Center this Saturday, Dec. 13. (more…)

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Turn motion of ocean into energy

A Seattle company is hoping to convert the motion of the ocean into electricity. (more…)

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City Wants Affordable Homes In Arverne East

The city’s solicitation for developers interested in transforming the last part of the Arverne Urban Renewal Area includes an affordable housing requirement – a last-minute amendment that surprised key community board members. (more…)

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National Academy Sells Two Hudson River School Paintings

The National Academy, the venerable artist-governed museum and school on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, has quietly sold two Hudson River School paintings from its collection to shore up its finances and enable it to show more of its holdings on a consistent basis, the academy’s officials said on Friday. (more…)

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Mohawk’ Schooner Sinks at $1.26 Million Maritime Sale in N.Y.

Even an imposing 1875 schooner couldn’t stay afloat at a maritime auction at Christie’s International in New York yesterday. (more…)

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Astoria residents had more than one reason to give thanks this Thanksgiving.

Locals cheered after Con Edison announced shortly before the holiday that it had scrapped plans to sell 21 acres on the Astoria waterfront to a developer who wanted to build a distribution center for FedEx. (more…)

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New York on the Block

The pause in New York City’s building boom may have one side benefit: It gives everyone a chance to think. As projects skid to a halt and buildings get stopped in mid-construction, developers – and their neighbors – have an opportunity to reassess their plans and consider different options for the future. (more…)

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