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Hope for Hudson River Fish

Last month I wrote about a recent study documenting declining fish populations in the Hudson River, especially American shad. (more…)

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Can’t seem to sink The Frying Pan


Frying Pan Re-Opening

The Frying Pan along the Hudson River was temporarily closed as the owners were unable to obtain the proper leasing permits. Now that the permits have been submitted Frying Pan workers prepare minor renovations at its location at Pier 66 along the West Side Highway in preparation for its opening by the end of the week. (Jefferson Siegel, Jefferson Siegel / June 24, 2008)


A piece of the city’s maritime past — and a beloved nightlife spot — is set to reopen this week, despite what its fans say was a considerable effort to sink it. (more…)

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Four years after the Bloomberg administration allowed IKEA to turn a historic dry dock in Red Hook into a parking lot, a new study has found that the city desperately needs at least seven new docks just like the one it gave up. (more…)

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Cleaning Our Coastlines

The latest results of the federal Mussel Watch program, a 20-year look at the health of the nation’s coastal waters, are cause for inspiration. (more…)

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Freighter commemorates Lake Champlain’s heritage

ABOARD THE LOIS McCLURE — The Lake Champlain shoreline creeps by from the deck of the Lois McClure. The vessel wasn’t built for speed, it was built to commemorate the commercial heritage that linked New York City, Buffalo, and Montreal to the Champlain Valley. (more…)

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Thompson, Marshall Push to Keep Queens Reservoir Wild

The campaign to preserve the wildness of Ridgewood Reservoir in Queens–to stop the city from building athletic fields and a public park–continued today at a hearing before the City Council’s Committee on Parks and Recreation. (more…)

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A Green Coal Baron?

When I met with Jim Rogers one day this spring, he tossed back two double espressos in a single hour. A charming and natty 60-year-old, Rogers is the chief executive of the electric company Duke Energy. (more…)

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Sea of Trash


Ted Raynor

Ocean currents funnel a relentless tide of plastic trash and other debris to the unpopulated shores of Gore Point in Alaska. (more…)

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A Slice of Europe Near the East River

JUDITH KLEIN came for the food and stayed for the kitchen. A blogger by moonlight under the name Foodista, Ms. Klein was born in Slovakia and says that living in the culturally diverse Ditmars-Steinway area — near the Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden — makes her feel “very at home.” (more…)

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Crab poachers, beware!

Federal officers are ramping up patrols in Jamaica Bay in search of one of the most obscure criminals on land or sea: horseshoe crab poachers. (more…)

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Bronx River Parkway closed for bicyclists, skaters, strollers

A seven-mile stretch of the parkway closes from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. for the 34-year-old recreational activity. Joggers, walkers and people with strollers have also been included this year, county officials said. (more…)

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River and Estuary Observatory Network

Jamaica Bay is located within the only national park in New York City, a place where herring gulls pirouette overhead, Canada geese sail in naval formation in quiet coves and harbor seals frolic on the shoreline. (more…)

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River is now new frontier

When Henry Hudson sailed up the Hudson River in 1609, the waterway became a thoroughfare to explore the continent and exploit its resources. (more…)

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Yearlong Hudson celebration to offer concerts and more

Henry Hudson sure started something worth celebrating when he sailed up river 400 years ago come the New Year. (more…)

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Tourist Helicopter Rides Are Set to Be Phased Out

The uproar over the noisy comings and goings of sightseeing helicopters along the West Side of Manhattan has finally led to a plan to eliminate them. (more…)

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Hook: Lines and sinking?

Red Hook residents are bracing to see if Ikea will do what no other controversial project has been able to do — reinvigorate the hardscrabble neighborhood or wipe it off the “up-and-coming” map for good. (more…)

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Coney’s re-zonie baloney: Foes find common ground over city’s land grab plan

The fight for the soul of Coney Island begins for real next week when supporters of independent amusement operators and the neighborhood’s private developers battle a city plan to buy up land and create a new and expanded amusement area that the mayor believes will save the faded “People’s Playground.” (more…)

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Coney Island surf should remain working people’s turf

The city’s latest plans to “save” Coney Island – the land of dreams and schemes at the southern tip of Brooklyn – once again threaten to destroy it. (more…)

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He’Brew Gets Freaky: Sideshows Inspire New Coney Island Craft Lagers

SchmaltzJeremy Cowan, the founder of Shmaltz Brewing Company, has never lacked for concepts. (more…)

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Mermaid Parade descends on Coney Island Saturday

Coney Island's Mermaid Parade

Maggie Bovaso, left, 58, and Francesca Bonavita, center, talk as Julia Arenson dances before the Coney’ Island’s Mermaid Parade. (HIROKO MASUIKE, Associated Press / June 24, 2006) (more…)

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