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Molinaro Lays Out Several New Developments On Staten Island

Staten Island is moving forward on the right track – at least that was the overwhelming message from borough president James Molinaro in his annual State of the Borough speech Thursday night. (more…)

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Gansevoort project group told to think ‘big and crazy’

Chelsea and West Village residents got an unprecedented chance to reshape the Meatpacking District (more…)

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A Shoreline Space For Sculpture

In 1980, the sculptor Mark di Suvero acquired two large sheds on waterfront property in Long Island City. Three years before, he had formed the Athena Foundation with public-art administrator Anita Contini, with the goal of providing studio and outdoor exhibition space as well as equipment and supplies for emerging artists. After a sizable segment of the rubble-strewn toxic shoreline of the East River was cleared with the help of local residents, Socrates Sculpture Park opened in 1986. (more…)

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A development team with close ties to ex-Gov. George Pataki stands to rack up nearly $700 million in gross revenue by selling more than 400 luxury condos to be built within the state-planned Brooklyn Bridge Park, The Post has learned. (more…)

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DEP’s proposal to redirect wastewater will take too long: experts

PROPOSALS ON HOW to reduce the levels of nitrogen being dumped into Jamaica Bay may not work fast enough to save the bay’s vanishing salt water marsh, environmentalists warn. (more…)

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Tanks for the memories

Fuel ship is towed from Red Hook n first step to museum conversion (more…)

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Funds adrift in battle to save beaches:

Some projects to combat sand erosion at city beaches are in limbo because of federal funding cutbacks, city parks officials testified yesterday. (more…)

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Biggest Threat to U.S. Drinking Water? Rust

From an attack by militants to a decline in snow melt caused by global warming, public fears about the water supply have heightened in the United States. (more…)

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Rehabilitating Robert Moses

FOR three decades his image has been frozen in time. The bulldozing bully who callously displaced thousands of New Yorkers in the name of urban renewal. The public-works kingpin who championed highways as he starved mass transit. And yes, the visionary idealist who gave New York Lincoln Center and Jones Beach, along with parks, roads, playgrounds and public pools. (more…)

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Group says state Brownfield Opportunity Area program failing

A community renewal group said Wednesday that a state program designed to redevelop old, polluted industrial sites in poor neighborhoods has failed, leaving residents frustrated. (more…)

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Springing into Coney era- Rezoning effort expected to pick up steam

A preliminary comprehensive rezoning of Coney Island is expected to happen by late spring 2007, this newspaper has learned. (more…)

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Exclusive with nabe’s biggest developer

With much of the Coney Island amusement park area now in control of Joseph J. Sitt, the principal of Thor Equities, his company has become a major player in the redevelopment of the entire borough. (more…)

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The dirt on IKEA’s dirt

 The mystery of the missing rubble at the IKEA construction site in Red Hook grows. (more…)

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Tetherball: the city game is back!

This paper has taken a very principled stand against the waterfront condo-and-open-space development known as Brooklyn Bridge Park, but the time has come for the Brooklyn Angle to break from The Brooklyn Paper and support Brooklyn Bridge Park for one reason and one reason only: tetherball. (more…)

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Council Members Demand Action To Save Beaches

While voicing optimism that the new Democratic-led Congress would fund projects to protect the city’s beaches from erosion, several City Council members said yesterday that local officials shouldn’t wait for federal money to safeguard New York City‘s waterfront from a major catastrophe. (more…)

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Robert Moses’s Vision of New York

Robert Caro‘s spellbinding study of Robert Moses, “The Power Broker,” appeared 33 years ago. (more…)

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Truck traffic in the city has shot up 30 percent in nearly a decade (more…)

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President Bush signs fisheries law

President Bush on Friday signed an overhaul of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act, the foremost federal law governing ocean fisheries. (more…)

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LNG Terminal Opposed

Natural gas terminal on Long Island Sound  opposed. Marinelink (more…)

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Virtual Estuary

Kim Keever image 1 Kim Keever image 2

Kim Keever
Kinz, Tillou & Feigen

535 W 20th St, New York, NY 10011-2819
January 12 – March 10, 2007 (more…)

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